Environmental sampling

A sample collection using methods and techniques adequate to the geological context, as well as to the type of contamination, is decisive to acquire reliable and accurate data. All our equipment and technology is in strict compliance with standard ASTMD6286 “Drilling methods for environmental sampling”.

Our equipment is available for:

  • Land environment, to evaluate the degree of soil contamination:
    • continuous sampling by dry drilling sampling process, using GM2 or T6S samplers;
    • continuous sampling by percussive drilling, “Direct Push Soil Sampling” using a MacroCoresampler tube with a transparent PVC or CAB liner inserted inside;
    • continuous sampling by vibropenetration, with Vibrocore;
    • intact sampling, with Moran or Shelby samplers;
    • direct push soil sampling with DualTube325 sampler;
    • mixed sampling, with manual or motorized auger.
  • Aquatic environment, with our own floating platform, to evaluate the degree of sediment contamination, using continuous sampling by vibropenetration, with Vibrocore;
  • o Groundwater sampling, using the Low Flow Sampling method, and in situ parameterization, using a multiparametric probe.